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We Make Internet Devices.Lifelan Technology.
  • Home automation under embedded/wireless sensors network.
  • Alignment with Intel to provide leading IoT technology from device to the cloud.
  • Low carbon city project with KWH 8CH power meter implementing over 20 schools.
  • Novio controllers with sensors constructed for outdoor and indoor environmental monitoring.
  • Hot aisle thermal containment and chiller's heat rejection system.
  • Low power engineering with IP network devices - KWH 8CT meter total 80 loops in the electric panel.
  • Environmental monitoring system integration by Novio controllers and WebEnv2000 in CATV headend center.
  • WebXESS access control system.
  • AirCon scheduling utility.
  • WebEnv 2000.
本公司通過經濟部技術能量登錄   智慧生活自動化技術服務項目.


IoT Application
Provide IoT solutions for energy, medical, industrial, building, home and other industries.
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Smart Monitoring Building
Intelligent monitoring integrated power, air con, lighting, energy, fire, access control, video, to achieve effective energy saving and security protection purposes.
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KWH8CT Cloud System
eCT provides state-of-art graphic chart system by analyzing power data from KWH 8CH meter.
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WEBIDC Green Data Center
Green data center design, construction and environmental monitorning.
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WSNTMP Sensors Network
Environmental monitoring, healthcare application, industry & home automation by using WSN.
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WEBXESS Door Access
High-level security control for building and property to protect your assets.
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WebEnv Communication
Advertising Video Display Screen TV Wall LCD splicing wall design.
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WEBENV2000 Platform
A web-based system to integrate device, sensor, digital meter, PDU, DVR, and door access.
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IDC sensors network construction

Environmental monitoring and energy saving design in green data center.

Light current engineering

Electric power loops construction in panel for digital power meter.




HP Gold Partner


IDC CSA STAR,   Security, Trust & Assurance Registry.

遠傳提供最頂級的資安保障 榮獲超過20項資安認證 全台唯一 雲端STAR認證金牌.